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Over the years, PlanetHoster has built an excellent reputation for customer service. In case of problems, you are guaranteed to have personalized assistance suited to your needs.

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When you choose PlanetHoster, our varied services allow you to grow with ease and without restriction. We accompany you on your successful Internet journey with our efficient and easy-to-use technology solutions.

Security & Protection

Optimal Security

Thanks to our numerous internal security protocols, PlanetHoster ensures optimum data security for all our clients.

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World Platform™

World Platform™

Imagine a platform where PHP, Ruby, Python and Node.js are just a few clicks away. A platform where resources (CPU, RAM, disk I/O) can be upgraded instantly.

The platform is continuously evolving, so in addition to offering the functionality of classic web hosting, you'll also see the continuous addition of new features based on your feedback. Plus, everything is fully secured and managed by PlanetHoster, backed by our famous 24/7 support.

Why Choose PlanetHoster?
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PlanetHoster Managed Hosting

This service enables you to reduce costs and lays a good technical foundation for your hosting solution, freeing you from the heavy burden of server administration.

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