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Planethoster Managed Hosting - What is it?

This service enables you to reduce costs and lays a solid foundation on top of which you or your team can work. This frees you from server administration, so you can devote your time to your business of creating and maintaining your website. PlanetHoster installs the most frequently used tools on Linux servers with an optimal configuration for multi-site management and supervision. Our qualified technicians are also available to assist you in the publishing and maintenance of your website.

Managed services are included in the following products:

VPS level 3 and above

with the administration panel

Managed services cover:


  • Install firewalls
  • Anti (virus / malware / rootkit)
  • Web Application Firewall protection
  • Anti-brute force
  • Anti-DDOS
  • Daily Audits


We configure services and programs in an optimal way to ensure high performance, so you're taking full advantage of the hardware.

  • PHP (with extensions, composer, PECL)
  • MySQL
  • PostegreSQL
  • Apache (MPM, Handler)
  • Tomcat
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • FTP
  • Git
  • Email
  • Firewall

Security Updates

Vulnerability Patches

Efficient 24/7 Support

  • SSL Certificate installation
  • Change the version of PHP and MySQL
  • Client software configuration
  • Performance audits of your site
  • Advice on CMS, software modules, backup solutions, newsletter creation and CRON best practices



24/7 monitoring on all attacks, software failures, hardware malfunctions and overloaded servers.


The following are NOT included with our managed services, but can be done at a cost:

  • VPN (OpenVPN) openLDAP
  • ReverseProxy (Varnish, Nginx)
  • Streaming audio/video (Red5, Wowza, Asterisk)
  • LetsEncrypt
  • Docker
  • Configuring Business Applications (Odoo, Jasper, BigBlueButton)...
Service rate / hour

You can also ask for administrator access by downloading and signing the following document:

Dégagement de responsabilité - Accès Administrateur.pdf